Drum Rudiments

Learn How To Play The Drum Rudiments!

The drum rudiments are the building blocks for all drum beats and drum fills. Learning how to play all 40 drum rudiments will open your drumming up to huge growth as well as beat and fill possibilities that you never imagined. Learning and applying the drum rudiments to your drumming is one of the most important aspects of playing the drums. Yet learning the drum rudiments is one of the most over-looked drumming principles.

If you have been looking to learn how to play the drum rudiments, you have come to the right place. This website will teach you how to play and apply all 40 drum rudiments using high definition video drum lessons and PDF sheet music. The best part about this website, is that it is all 100% free! Click the drum rudiment you would like to learn below:

Single Stroke Rudiments

Flam Based Rudiments

Single Stroke Roll Flam
Single Stroke Four Flam Tap
Single Stroke Seven Flam Accent

Drum Roll Rudiments

Multiple Bounce Roll Flam Paradiddle
Double Stroke Roll Single Flammed Mill
Triple Stroke Roll Flam Paradiddle-diddle
Five Stroke Roll Swiss Army Triplet
Six Stroke Roll Inverted Flam Tap
Seven Stroke Roll Flam Drag
Nine Stroke Roll Pataflafla
Ten Stroke Roll

Drag Based Rudiments

Eleven Stroke Roll Drag Ruff
Thirteen Stroke Roll Single Drag Tap
Fifteen Stroke Roll Double Drag Tap
Seventeen Stroke Roll Lesson 25

Paradiddle Rudiments

Single Dragadiddle
Single Paradiddle Dragadiddle #1
Double Paradiddle Dragadiddle #2
Triple Paradiddle Single Ratamacue
Single Paradiddle-diddle Double Ratamacue
Triple Ratamacue